What is RIGHT app and how it works?

RIGHT app helps individuals to create and fast track their fitness goal. During the journey, RIGHT app and their nutritionist and fitness coaches provides the personalized suggestions to help achieve the goal faster and easier.

Who should not use the app?

All the information provided in the app is for users educational purpose only. Users are advice to consult the doctor before using the suggetion. People with cardiovascular and any other serious illness should consult their doctor before starting any diet and exercise.

How do you estimate the body fat percentage?

Body fat of individual are calculated based on US army body composition program.
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How do you estimate the calories and macro requirement of individual?

Calories and macronutrients suggestions provided by our app, coach and nutritionist are based on age, weight, hight, and other measurements proided by users in app.
Our suggestions are based on creating the right calories deficit or surplus for achieving sustainable and healthy fitness goal, suggested by US National Institutes of Health.
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How do delete my data?

To know what data we collect and how we use please visit Privacy Policies

To delete your data please refer this section :
Data Deletion